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delays/ distortions/ sampling/ improvising

delays/ distortions/ sampling/ improvising
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Felicia Atkinson: a man in a box

Felicia Atkinson: a man in a box 
black and white print, 2014, ed. of 5

Felicia Atkinson, Dianes of Desires series, 2014

Felicia Atkinson : Dianes of Desires 2014

Liberal Arts of Dianes
colored print 2014
ed. of 5
Dianes of Desires is a series of digital collages by Felicia Atkinson (2014)
Those images are conceived as a suite of possible fictive delays where the main character would be the actress Diane K. and the context and “lieu du crime” would be an Imaginary Museum where the delays of Diane K. would wander, in coexistance with the archives of Felicia Atkinson’s documentation of her own artworks. 
Fantasy, Delay, Fictions, Silk, Objects, Digital space, Sampling, Distortion and Cohabitation are the main themes of this ongoing series of works.
Each images exist as a colored print in various formats in an ed. 05 copies.